Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pelosi: 'Next Week, 7.7 Million Americans Will Receive Recovery Rebates -- This is Just the Beginning'

Pelosi: 'Next Week, 7.7 Million Americans Will Receive Recovery Rebates -- This is Just the Beginning'

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Republican Leader John Boehner, and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer held a news conference in the Capitol yesterday on Recovery Rebates. Below are the Speaker's opening remarks:

"Because Congress has taken swift and bipartisan action on the economy, we were able to observe the fact that this week America's families will be receiving their Recovery Rebate checks.

"In January, we passed economic stimulus legislation with Recovery Rebates for America's families. In February, the President signed the legislation into law.

"Today, we announce the good news that next week, 7.7 million Americans will receive their Recovery Rebates. This is just the beginning.

"For a middle-class family of four, that is $1,800, including $300 for each child. If they have more children, then of course, their check would be more.

"By the end of the summer, 130 million American families will receive their rebates to help them make ends meet, and boost our economy.

"American families need these rebates for the rising cost of gas and groceries, and this will help get the economy moving. These checks will not come a moment too soon for families struggling with the economic downturn -- that they are a good, strong step.

"The strain of the economic downturn on middle- and low-income families demands, in my view, a consideration of a second stimulus package and we have begun some conversations with the Administration and the Republicans on that.

"Just as we did with the Recovery Rebates, Congress must work in a bipartisan way to find solutions for the immediate crisis and for a long-term economic recovery for America.

"Specifically, we are working on efforts to pass additional sweeping legislation to keep millions of families in their homes, provide relief to millions of out-of-work Americans, and reduce the strain on families who are struggling with rising gas and grocery prices.

"These Recovery Rebates are an example of how Congress and work together and what can be accomplished when we work in a bipartisan way.

"In that regard, I'm very honored to be standing here with the distinguished Republican Leader of the House and my colleague, the Democratic Leader, Mr. Hoyer. I'm pleased to yield the floor to Mr. Boehner and acknowledge his leadership as essential in getting this relief to American families."

Source: Office of the Speaker of the House

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