Thursday, September 20, 2012

U.S. Cost of Violence Surpasses 15% of GDP

New Report Calculates Total U.S. Public and Private Expenditure on Containing Violence -- International & Domestic

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

$2.16 trillion or $15,000 per taxpayer spent on preventing or dealing with violence
Violence-related expenditures four times greater than the Department of Defense budget
If Violence Containment was classified as an industry, would be the largest in the U.S.
Economic value of containing violence in the U.S. equal to the entire GDP of the UK

On the eve of the International Day of Peace, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has released a report detailing how much of the U.S. economy is related to either preventing or dealing with the consequences of violence. The report conservatively estimates that in 2010, 15% of GDP or US$15,000 per taxpayer was spent on containing violence. This is the equivalent of 1 out of every 7 dollars spent in the U.S.

The study is the first systematic measure to account for all violence-related expenditure in the U.S. economy. It captures government, corporate, and individual expenditure regardless of whether it is related to international affairs, such as offshore military activities, or domestic spending, for instance, dealing with crime and its consequences.

"By defining a new industry as the 'Violence Containment Industry,' it is now possible to aggregate all expenditures related to the containment or consequences of violence. Our research indicates that when measured as a percentage of GDP this industry has expanded by 25% in the past ten years," stated Steve Killelea, Executive Chairman of IEP.

The report shows that if the $2.16 trillion of Violence Containment spending were represented as a discrete industry, it would be the largest industry in the United States economy, larger than construction, real estate, professional services, or manufacturing.

The study accounts for all expenditure that is related to violence, such as medical expenses, incarceration, police, the military, insurance, homeland security, and the private security industry. Expenditure is also divided by local ($154 billion), state ($101 billion), and federal ($1,305 billion) government as well as private spending by corporations, households, and individuals ($602 billion).

A 5% reduction in Violence Containment spending for 5 years would provide $326 billion. This would exceed the capital needed to rebuild the nation's levees systems, update the energy infrastructure, and complete the upgrading of the nation's school infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers is currently estimating a $134 billion shortfall for the above infrastructure development.

"The study clearly demonstrates that even small reductions in violence and the spending associated with it would result in a meaningful stimulation to the U.S. economy," concluded Mr. Killelea.

Notes to Editors
The full report can be downloaded at
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About the Institute for Economics and Peace
The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is an international non-profit research organization dedicated to shifting the world's focus to peace as a positive, achievable, and tangible measure of human well-being and progress. For more info:

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Secretary Clinton Speaks On the Attack in Benghazi

US ambassador Chris Stevens had supported the Libyan revolt that overthrew Moamer Kadhafi, but has now been struck down in an attack by militant forces unleashed after the strongman's fall. Stevens, 52, was killed in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi late Tuesday by armed Islamists outraged over an amateur American-made Internet video mocking Islam, less than six months after being appointed to his post.

12 Sep 2012 04:01 Africa/Lagos

Statement by Secretary Clinton on the Attack in Benghazi

WASHINGTON, September 12, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission in Benghazi today. As we work to secure our personnel and facilities, we have confirmed that one of our State Department officers was killed. We are heartbroken by this terrible loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and those who have suffered in this attack.

This evening, I called Libyan President Magariaf to coordinate additional support to protect Americans in Libya. President Magariaf expressed his condemnation and condolences and pledged his government's full cooperation.

Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.

In light of the events of today, the United States government is working with partner countries around the world to protect our personnel, our missions, and American citizens worldwide.

Source: US Department of State

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Candle Lights and Roses Mark Anniversary of 9/11

Many families and relations of the 3,000 people killed when hijacked airliners slammed into New York's World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, are having candlelight vigils at Ground Zero and others also came with roses to mark another Anniversary of 9/11, the 11th one today.

11 Sep 2012 16:15 Africa/Lagos

Statement by 9/11 Commission Chairs Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton

"We owe it to the American people to keep our attention riveted on ensuring we are taking every step to keep the country secure."

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former 9/11 Commission Chair and Vice Chair Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, now co-chairs of the Bipartisan Policy Center's Homeland Security Project, released the following statement today on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks:

"Today marks eleven years since the 9/11 attacks on our country. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and survivors of that tragic day. We commend the progress our government has made in reforming and strengthening the institutions that protect us. We commend the sustained commitment and dedication of the tens of thousands of military, federal, state, and local officials, law enforcement and first responders who have done so much to keep us safe.

"As the years pass the danger exists that we will lose focus, divert attention to other concerns. But the threat of terrorism persists and our enemies continue to devise new ways to harm us. Fighting these emerging threats should not be a partisan issue. We owe it to the American people to keep our attention riveted on ensuring we are taking every step to keep the country secure.

"Eleven years after the event, some important 9/11 Commission recommendations have still not been implemented and require immediate attention. We call on the government to build out an interoperable, broadband network for first responders. We encourage Congress to take the steps to reform its oversight of intelligence and national security institutions, and to help those agencies make the changes and confront the challenges that will make them stronger and better. Congress and the administration should remain ever vigilant and exert maximum leadership to ensure terrorists do not acquire nuclear or radiological weapons, a prospect that would be a grave threat to us. And finally, we encourage the administration to put teeth into the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board that the Commission recommended and legislation created. That Board will help ensure that there is a proper balance between the many security measures that have been implemented since 9/11 and our tradition of privacy and civil liberty."

About the Bipartisan Policy Center:
Founded in 2007 by former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole and George Mitchell, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) is a non-profit organization that drives principled solutions through rigorous analysis, reasoned negotiation, and respectful dialogue. With projects in multiple issue areas, BPC combines politically-balanced policymaking with strong, proactive advocacy and outreach. For more information, please visit our website:

SOURCE Bipartisan Policy Center

CONTACT: Ashley Clark, +1-202-637-1456,

Web Site:

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Americans Deserve A Better Deal

 •    23 million Americans are out of work, have stopped looking for work, or are underemployed
•    $16 trillion national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American)
•    43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment
•    4 straight trillion dollar budget deficits in a row -- more than any other president combined

Ultimately, it’s simple arithmetic -- the policies of Barack Obama just don’t add up to the kind of future America deserves.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for USA.

My economic plan creates 12 million new jobs. Jobs that will help middle class families move forward again. Jobs that will help restore the American Dream.

With your support, we can put Americans back to work. It's simple arithmetic. 

~ Mitt Romney

Donate today to help the Republican team and me put Americans back to work.

Friday, September 7, 2012

No True Christian Will Vote for President Barack Obama

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.
“Eat and drink!” he says to you,
But his heart is not with you.
~ Proverbs 23:7, Holy Bible (New King James Version)

No True Christian Will Vote for President Barack Obama

If anyone claims to be a Christian, the person must be willing to practice Christianity and not just paying lip service and eye service by carrying a copy of the Holy Bible and going to church.
True Christianity is more than that.
If you claim to believe in God and claim to be a Christian, then you must speak the truth of both the spoken and written Word of God even if the truth condemns you as well.
Living in denial of the truth will not lessen your predicament, but worsen it.
That is why God gives us the chance to make a choice between repentance and rebellion.

I know President Barack Obama as a brilliant and smart American politician, but he is not a Christian even if he claims to be one.

What makes you a Christian is not claiming to be a Christian, but preaching, and practicing Christianity by living a Christian life and Christianity starts with knowing the Truth, speaking the Truth and practicing the Truth no matter the wrath of the earth.

Even if you are not perfect, but be honest to admit the Truth between good and evil and separating what is good from what is wrong without compromise. But when you know the Truth and deny it, you are a liar and not a Christian. And that is what President Barack Obama is. Therefore, President Barack Obama is not a Christian, because no true Christian will endorse homosexuality and to endorse gay marriage is worse.

Homosexuality is not only a sin, but a sickness.

22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
23 “‘Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.
~ Leviticus 18:22-23, Holy Bible (New International Version)

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.
~ Romans 1:26-27, Holy Bible (New International Version).

When President Barack Obama endorsed gay marriage, he had made a path with the devil and not with God.
How can a true Christian rebel against God?
Only an anti-God and anti-Christ will rebel against God by supporting what God has condemned as evil.
It is one thing for a Christian to fall into sin and admits that he or she is guilty of committing the sin. But to deny that it is sin is a rebellion against God and that is what President Barack Obama has done by endorsing gay marriage. And no true Christian would do that. Anyone who claims to be a true Christian will not vote for an anti-God and anti-Christ.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Messiah warned us against the anti-Christ and antichrists who will even come pretending to be an angel of light and agent of change, but later manifest his true identity by his utterances and actions as Jesus Christ warned us that by their fruits you shall know them. And President Barack Obama has shown us enough evidence by his endorsement of gays and gay marriage which is one of the fundamental forms of satanic worship in rebellion against God.

It is really not that shocking to see millions of Americans who claim to be Christians grinning and smiling in support of President Barack Obama and then still go to church to fellowship and pretend to worship God, but as God said their hearts are far away from Him. They are not true Christians, but hypocrites and liars who are followers of the anti-God and anti-Christ now populating the world in different forms among humans. They are in fact more dangerous to humankind than armed robbers and terrorists, because they are doing more harm than good to us by attacking the very essence of our existence on earth which is PROCREATION.

Any action against procreation is a rebellion against God and against the existence of Man and Woman on earth. So, how can those who confess and profess to be Christians then support someone who is against procreation by endorsing those who are against procreation?
How were those who claim to be gays and lesbians born?
By same sex marriage?
Only evil idiots will endorse gay marriage.

Forget all the tongue-in-cheek fancy speeches.
Let us call a spade a spade.
What will you make you great are not fancy speeches, but great works.
And in the past four years, President Barack Obama cannot boast of any great work.
The millions of jobless Americans know the truth from the lie even it the lie come with a beaming smile.
Americans are tired of hearing white lies from the White House.
Americans deserve to be told the truth.
Whether sweet or sour, just say the truth.

I recommend anyone who has not yet done so to read God, Sex, and Politics: Homosexuality and Everyday Theologies by Dawne Moon.

Only those who are on the Lord’s side will be saved.
The question before all American Christians in this presidential election is who is on the Lord’s side?
There is no need to waste more time on this matter, but it is a fact.
No true Christian will vote for Barack Obama.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs and the new book Barack Obama and the American Dream to be released soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stars Pay Tribute To Michael Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10, 1957 – September 3, 2012)

I’ve seen Michael Duncan in some movies, but the most memorable was his unforgettable role as John Coffey in Frank Darabont’s The Green Mile, for which he got nominations for the Oscar and Golden Globe. The 1999 American drama was an adaptation of the 1996 Stephen King’s novel.

Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise who were co-stars with Duncan in The Green Mile are among those shocked by the Monday news of his death. Duncan was still recovering from the cardiac arrest he suffered at his Los Angeles home in July before he died Monday morning.

His co-stars and other stars including Mia Farrow, Russell Simmons, Bobby Brown, Gabrielle Union, Timbaland, Ricki Lake and Katharine McPhee have been pouring tributes to Duncan, who was one of the most loved American actors in Hollywood.

“I am terribly saddened at the loss of Big Mike. He was the treasure we all discovered on the set of ‘The Green Mile.’ He was magic. He was a big love of man and his passing leaves us stunned.”
~ Tom Hanks

“Had the pleasure of working on 2 things with Michael Clark Duncan. The Green Mile, & as guest star on ‘CSI: NY.’ A real gentleman. R.I P my friend.”
~ Gary Sinise

“Michael Clarke Duncan always had a smile on his face & a big bear hug ready for you. My thoughts & prayers are with his family & friends.”
~ Olivia Munn

“We shared sum (some) great times! C (see) u (you) on the other side friend.”
~ Comedienne Niecy Nash

“R.I.P. my friend MCD. I will miss you.”
~ David Boreanaz

‏“Devastated … RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. Heaven has an amazing new angel. I will miss your smile most.”
~ Holly Robinson Peete

“My prayers are with the family and to the loved ones of Michael Duncan Clark. What a kind sweet & loving guy you were! May you R.I.P.”
~ La Toya Jackson

“RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. Thank you for being so kind to me & for sharing your talent with the world. You will be truly missed.”
~ Jordin Sparks

“Michael Clarke Duncan I’ll never forget you. Such an awesome man taken way too soon. Rest in peace my friend.”
~ Donald Faison

“Can’t believe it MCD! What a good man! Always a laugh! He will be greatly missed.”
~ Christian Slater

“He was one of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with or know. Michael was the gentlest of souls – an exemplar of decency, integrity and kindness. The sadness I feel is inexpressible. Our experience making ‘The Green Mile’ together was immersive and incredible, an once-in-a-lifetime journey. What sticks most in my mind was his devotion to his craft and the strides he made as an artist during that time, which was beyond inspiring to those of us who took the journey with him. Never has an actor more richly deserved the recognition of an Academy Award nomination than Michael did for his performance as John Coffey. Michael has left us far, far too soon. We lost a great man and a great spirit today. My thoughts and condolences go out to his fiancée, Omarosa, and to his family.”
`~ Frank Darabont, director of The Green Mile.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clint Eastwood at the RNC 2012: Video and Transcript

Clint Eastwood at the RNC 2012: Video and Transcript The following is a transcript of actor Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 30, 2012. EASTWOOD: Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much. Save a little for Mitt. (APPLAUSE) I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, what's a movie tradesman doing out here? You know they are all left wingers out there, left of Lenin. At least that is what people think. That is not really the case. There are a lot of conservative people, a lot of moderate people, Republicans, Democrats, in Hollywood. It is just that the conservative people by the nature of the word itself play closer to the vest. They do not go around hot dogging it. (APPLAUSE) So -- but they are there, believe me, they are there. I just think, in fact, some of them around town, I saw John Voigt, a lot of people around. (APPLAUSE) John's here, an academy award winner. A terrific guy. These people are all like-minded, like all of us. So I -- so I've got Mr. Obama sitting here. And he's -- I was going to ask him a couple of questions. But -- you know about -- I remember three and a half years ago, when Mr. Obama won the election. And though I was not a big supporter, I was watching that night when he was having that thing and they were talking about hope and change and they were talking about, yes we can, and it was dark outdoors, and it was nice, and people were lighting candles. They were saying, I just thought, this was great. Everybody is trying, Oprah was crying. I was even crying. And then finally -- and I haven't cried that hard since I found out that there is 23 million unemployed people in this country. (APPLAUSE) Now that is something to cry for because that is a disgrace, a national disgrace, and we haven't done enough, obviously -- this administration hasn't done enough to cure that. Whenever interest they have is not strong enough, and I think possibly now it may be time for somebody else to come along and solve the problem. (APPLAUSE) So, Mr. President, how do you handle promises that you have made when you were running for election, and how do you handle them? I mean, what do you say to people? Do you just -- you know -- I know -- people were wondering -- you don't -- handle that OK. Well, I know even people in your own party were very disappointed when you didn't close Gitmo. And I thought, well closing Gitmo -- why close that, we spent so much money on it. But, I thought maybe as an excuse -- what do you mean shut up? (LAUGHTER) OK, I thought maybe it was just because somebody had the stupid idea of trying terrorists in downtown New York City. (APPLAUSE) I've got to to hand it to you. I have to give credit where credit is due. You did finally overrule that finally. And that's -- now we are moving onward. I know you were against the war in Iraq, and that's okay. But you thought the war in Afghanistan was OK. You know, I mean -- you thought that was something worth doing. We didn't check with the Russians to see how did it -- they did there for 10 years. (APPLAUSE) But we did it, and it is something to be thought about, and I think that, when we get to maybe -- I think you've mentioned something about having a target date for bringing everybody home. You gave that target date, and I think Mr. Romney asked the only sensible question, you know, he says, ``Why are you giving the date out now? Why don't you just bring them home tomorrow morning?'' (APPLAUSE) And I thought -- I thought, yeah -- I am not going to shut up, it is my turn. (LAUGHTER) So anyway, we're going to have -- we're going to have to have a little chat about that. And then, I just wondered, all these promises -- I wondered about when the -- what do you want me to tell Romney? I can't tell him to do that. I can't tell him to do that to himself. (APPLAUSE) You're crazy, you're absolutely crazy. You're getting as bad as Biden. (APPLAUSE) Of course we all now Biden is the intellect of the Democratic party. (LAUGHTER) Kind of a grin with a body behind it. (LAUGHTER) But I just think that there is so much to be done, and I think that Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are two guys that can come along. See, I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to the president, anyway. (APPLAUSE) I think attorneys are so busy -- you know they're always taught to argue everything, and always weight everything -- weigh both sides... MORE (INSERT ZACH) XXX I think attorneys are so busy -- you know they're always taught to argue everything, always weigh everything, weigh both sides. EASTWOOD: They are always devil's advocating this and bifurcating this and bifurcating that. You know all that stuff. But, I think it is maybe time -- what do you think -- for maybe a businessman. How about that? (APPLAUSE) A stellar businessman. Quote, unquote, ``a stellar businessman.'' And I think it's that time. And I think if you just step aside and Mr. Romney can kind of take over. You can maybe still use a plane. (APPLAUSE) Though maybe a smaller one. Not that big gas guzzler you are going around to colleges and talking about student loans and stuff like that. (APPLAUSE) You are an -- an ecological man. Why would you want to drive that around? OK, well anyway. All right, I'm sorry. I can't do that to myself either. (APPLAUSE) I would just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. Something that I think is very important. It is that, you, we -- we own this country. (APPLAUSE) We -- we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours. (APPLAUSE) And -- so -- they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years. It is the same old deal. But I just think it is important that you realize , that you're the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you're libertarian or whatever, you are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go. (APPLAUSE) Okay, just remember that. And I'm speaking out for everybody out there. It doesn't hurt, we don't have to be (AUDIENCE MEMBER): (inaudible) (LAUGHTER) I do not say that word anymore. Well, maybe one last time. (LAUGHTER) We don't have to be -- what I'm saying, we do not have to be metal (ph) masochists and vote for somebody that we don't really even want in office just because they seem to be nice guys or maybe not so nice guys, if you look at some of the recent ads going out there, I don't know. (APPLAUSE) But OK. You want to make my day? (APPLAUSE) All right. I started, you finish it. Go ahead. AUDIENCE: Make my day! EASTWOOD: Thank you. Thank you very much.