Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Americans, Beware of Voter Intimidation and Electoral Fraud!

Dear Americans, Beware of Voter Intimidation and Electoral Fraud!

Senator John McCain

The future of America is at stake today as American voters troop out to elect the next President of the United States of America.
It is either Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama.
The choice is yours.
Vote wisely.

Senator Barack Obama

Here is an update from NAACP.

It's Election Day, and our Election Protection hotline has been ringing since the minute the polls opened. As of 10am, over 12,000 reports have been logged. Most of the reports involve faulty or inadequate voting equipment and polling place issues, but we have also logged 115 incidents nationally of voter intimidation.

In Virginia, where the NAACP filed a lawsuit to keep the polls open longer, we are seeing several problems. More groups are joining the call to keep the polls open two hours later tonight. There are reports of massive voting machine failures, over two dozen precincts opening late, people being turned away, and voter intimidation.
In Michigan we have received calls about malfunctioning voter machines in at least ten precincts, causing extremely long waits. Unfortunately, the waits are causing some people to give up and get out of line. We will continue to monitor the situation in Michigan throughout the day.

And in Florida, we've just received a slew of reports about broken optical scanners and extremely long lines. We also just received a call that absentee ballots were not received at a rehab center for elderly residents.

We'll be here at the Command Center all day to respond to voting problems in real time. In addition, the NAACP has trained poll monitors strategically placed across the country to monitor 750 precincts where there has been a history of discrimination, and the NAACP Voter Relief team is driving between polling places in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area offering coffee, water, and snacks to the voters standing in long lines.

We'll be sending you another update around 5pm so be sure to check your email. And if you haven't voted yet, get out there and make your voice heard!

Kirk Clay
Director of Civic Engagement

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