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Is McCain or Obama the Strongest Leader for U.S. President?

20 Aug 2008 15:42 Africa/Lagos

Is McCain or Obama the Strongest Leader for U.S. President?

Top Leadership Development Firm Asks Public to Rate Leadership Traits of the Candidates at

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- With the presidential election just a few months away, Personnel Decisions International (PDI), a global leadership consulting firm with decades of experience working with CEOs, developed, a website where visitors can rate the leadership traits of the candidates. When the vice presidential candidates are announced, the site will also allow users to rate the leadership traits of the running mates.

The site lets users rate the presidential candidates on ten characteristics that PDI consultants use to assess CEOs at today's top companies. Currently, in order of importance, the ten traits are vision, insightful judgment, trustworthiness, gets things done, inspires others, good judge of people, influences others, courage, confidence and energy. Obama is currently leading in all of the ten traits.

"This presidential race is being closely followed by U.S. voters and observers around the world. allows all interested in the race an opportunity to rate leadership traits of the candidates," said Bob Muschewske, senior vice president and executive consultant at PDI.

PDI has been working with top executives and CEOs at major companies for over 40 years. PDI serves 80 percent of Fortune 100 firms and uses in-depth data and research to determine which characteristics are critical for success in the top spots.

"When we rate potential CEOs we are helping provide the information that boards of directors need to make the best decisions on who is the best fit for the top role. This website is designed to let visitors experiment with leadership evaluation by rating the presidential candidates using some of the same traits we use to evaluate top business leaders," Muschewske continued.

Users rate each candidate on this list of characteristics, then rate the importance of each characteristic. Visitors to the website can instantly view real-time results to compare candidates.

When the running mates are announced, visitors should revisit the site to rate the new candidates in the presidential race.


Personnel Decisions International (PDI) is a global leadership consulting firm with distinctive expertise in building leadership talent that provides real competitive advantage. With 30 offices around the globe, PDI enables the world's leading organizations to make consistently effective talent decisions about leaders.

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