Friday, June 13, 2008

Rachel Ray's Dunkin' Donuts and the American Islamophobic Outrage

The controversial Dunkin' Donuts Online Advert.

My friend Father Dave of Australia notified me of the controversy over the embarrassment and harassment of America's celebrity chef Rachel Ray, because of the "Palestinian" scarf she had around her neck in the Dunkin' Donuts online advert. The Dunkin' Donuts ad campaign has been stopped, because of the erroneous and outrageous political uproar over her kaffiyeh-like garment!

Rachel Ray

This is preposterous!
Americans have become paranoid since 9/11 and anything that looks Islamic makes them suspicious of Islamic terrorism and an ordinary Arabian scarf around your neck becomes a symbol of an Islamist? Therefore an American cannot put on any Middle Eastern apparel?

An Arabian model is now a terror suspect?

Watch this report directly on YouTube for more on this fiasco of Islamophobia.

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