Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Did Not Happen

This is my rejoinder to the report on Former Bush Aide: McClellan Is Getting Ripped For Telling The Truth posted on Huffington Post.

Any dummy can write a book on how President George W. Bush and his goons lied and misled America into one of the dumbest wars in history.

The Downing Street Memo and Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson have already shown us the facts, so any dummy writing another book on it is only desperate to fish in the troubled waters and make money from the political Fiasco of Dubya.

Writing best selling books on the falsehood of the mission to Iraq is medicine after death. If President George W. Bush had been impeached in 2005, thousands of American soldiers would have been saved from dying in the war in Iraq.

In fact, I condemn all the office holders in the American government for misleading America into a wrong war in Iraq.

From the messenger who filed the classified lies of the Weapons of Mass Destruction to the President who told the lies, they are all guilty. And the innocent blood of every American killed in the prosecution of the war in Iraq is in their hands and the Law of Harvest awaits them and their children, because what we sow we shall surely reap now or later.
I know what it means to be a victim of a suicidal war, as already documented in Memories of a Refugee Child.

The only book on the war in Iraq that deserves to be read is the book written by those who have been there and not armchair critics who are cowards who are only speaking after the FACTS have been revealed years ago.

Did Scott McClellan suddenly have the balls to spill his bitter guts in What Happened.
Scott, we already know what happened even before you published your book.
What did not happen is that you and the rest of the present and former goons of Dubya failed to stop the war in Iraq.
You failed woefully since 2002 to date.

Who is fooling whom?

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